Resident Artists

More than just T-shirts.

By shopping at IXAR Design, you're directly supporting local artists.
At IXAR, we collaborate with a varied bunch of weird and wonderful artists, creating a fully dynamic range of collections. 
With one end goal in sight - IXAR aspires to be the platform for independent artists to showcase their work to the world. To do this, we have created a high-quality, graphic-based clothing brand. Putting their artwork on clothes enables artists to gain a wider audience than purely an online platform could.

 Below are the artists behind IXAR, this is why IXAR was born, to give these creatives a stage to showcase their work. 

 Each piece has been meticulously designed and prepped ready for print, keeping to the exact look of the original work, whatever the form.

Meet the artists behind your favourite designs, from past and present//

Olga S.//   Claude J. Jacquier//   Pomona//

Jamie Muck//   Alex Carter//   TRON//   Phil Whitton//

IXAR, created by artists - always.

If you want to become part of IXAR, drop us an email at
All styles and forms are welcome. 
Love,  IXAR Design Co-Founders